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No. 396, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year! A Sherlockian Potpourri
By Don Hobbs

Today's SherlockPeoria marks the first issue of volume 9. Nine years of doing this little blog is quite an amazing feat. I am stunned than I have been able to keep up my end of the bargain. All of my faith was with Brad.

While watching the 2010 AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic on Saturday and I was delighted to see a Red Bull commercial featuring Holmes and Watson. The cartoon commercial juxtaposes Holmes and Watson's roles in solving the mystery. At least it didn't suggest Red Bull instead of a seven per-cent solution. This is a 2009 commercial but I do not know how long it has been out. It was the first time I had seen it. It can be viewed on You-Tube at:

I had a call from Donny Zaldin this week inviting Joyce and me to Virgil's next Thursday in New York City during the Birthday Celebration Weekend for bar-b-que. He has offered us the title of Honorary Canadian to each of us. This will be the perfect venue because I have Official Railroad Spikes from Sherlock, TX to present to some of the Bootmakers of Toronto. I promised them in September when Dean Clark and I showed The Great Whimsical Sherlockian Tour of Oklahoma and Texas at their monthly meeting. This will be great - a bunch of Canadians (real and honorary), in New York City, eating Texas bar-b-que with a matching bunch of spikes from Sherlock, TX. I love this game!

On New Year's Eve, we drove to Bandera, TX to celebrate with our good friends Jan and Bob Grimes. We alternate celebrating at each other's house and since they recently moved to the Hill Country, it was our turn to be at their house (whew) and we made the trek. It is a 300 mile drive and it afforded me an opportunity to add to my 'Up Close and Personal' Sherlockian Photo-Essay. Texas Farm Road 221 crossed our route so I stopped and had a Kodak Moment.

Today, there is a Frenchman cursing an American under his breath. I won an auction on eBay for a newspaper from Brussels. The description says it is printed on crisis paper which most likely days it from World War I.  This is a French translation of "l'escarboucle bleue" (BLUE). Je suis désolé mon garçon soumissionnaires mais je n'ai eu qu'à ajouter ceci à ma collection Maniac.

Today was the first Sunday of the month and so it was the scheduled meeting of The Diogenes Club of Dallas.  It was a lively meeting with plenty of discussion about the new Sherlock Holmes film. Most of it was positive. Today's meeting featured author Lawrence Fischman. Mr. Fischman has written a Sherlockian pastiche titled The French Artillery Officer and is about the Dreyfus Affaire. He read the first chapter and answered questions about the book. He also signed copies for those who bought one. I have included an Amazon link below if anyone is interested in obtaining a copy.

Lawrence Fischman:
The French Artillery Officer

iUniverse, 2009
ISBN: 9781440183041
ISBN-10: 144018304X

Happy Collecting!!




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January 3, 2010
Happy New Year! A Sherlockian Potpourri