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No. 400, January 31, 2010

Barcelona October 2010
By Don Hobbs

Joyce and I are heading to Barcelona in October for holiday. That is vacation in British-Speak. What started out as a Grand Tour of the Iberian Peninsula morphed into fifteen days in Barcelona is taking on a large Sherlockian significance. How can this be so, one might ask? Well, gather around and let me tell you a tale.

Joyce and I decided that Spain would be the destination of our 2010 holiday. My original vision was to fly to Madrid, where we would spend several days. Next we were to rent a car and drive west eventually arriving in Lisbon, Portugal. After several days, we would drive north to the Galicia region of Spain and  back east across the northern Spanish coast. Bilbao would be the next major destination. Then a southeastern course was to deposit us in Barcelona for the rest of our trip.

After many glasses of wine and even more hours of discussions, we came to the realization that the planned Grand Tour left us far too little time in Barcelona. This is when we decided to fly to Barcelona and spend the entire holiday in and around this great city. This was the morphing part. The Sherlockian part came during the Sherlock Holmes Birthday Celebration Weekend.  I casually mention our impending journey to Sebastian LePage during a night of libations at O’Lunney’s Irish Bar on W. 45th St NY, NY. Much to my delight, he accepted my invitation to join us there.

I could not possibly go to Barcelona without visiting Joan Proubasta, I have known Joan for twenty year after John Bennett Shaw introduced us in 1990. Joan and I soon began exchanging books and more than one-hundred books in my collection have come from Joan. He is also the president of Circulo Holmes, the Barcelona Sherlock Holmes society. As it turned out, the Spanish and the Italian Sherlock Holmes societies were planning on a joint meeting in Venice but with my impending visit, their plans have changed.

They are now proposing a joint meeting with The Maniac Collectors, The Circulo Holmes, Un Studio In Holmes, and Le Société Sherlock Holmes de France on October 23, 2010 in Barcelona. I have been in contact with all of the parties and there are signs that there will be a Grand Event and a first meeting between France, Italy and Spain! I have heard from Enrico Solito who will be in Barcelona. He will announce the planned meeting at the meeting of Un Studio In Holmes. I have also heard from Thierry Saint-Joanis who also will announce the meeting at the next gathering of Le Société Sherlock Holmes de France. The proverbial Sherlockian snowball is gathering momentum.

I know of several stateside Sherlockians who have expressed interest in being in Barcelona on October 23, 2010. This is exciting because this will be an extraordinary event. The first of its kind. I hope to see everyone there.

Happy Collecting!!


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