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No. 403, February 21, 2010

The Don Hobbs Olympics
By Don Hobbs

With all of this hoopla surrounding the Olympics, I decided to take closer look at the standings. At least the standings as reported by the media. I also needed to see how my collection of foreign languages compares. I invented a couple of rules for playing this game. I did not include the United State, Canada, Great Britain, or Australia. This is my game so I can play by whatever rules I feel like. India is excluded because there are so many different languages spoken there. Spain would have been the big winner because in my collection all Spanish translations are listed together. I have books from Spain, Argentina, Cuba, Chile, Paraguay, and Mexico but they are all listed under Spanish. However, one of the rules I used was to include only those countries that have won a medal in the 2010 Winter Olympics. The cut-off was the medal winners going into Sunday’s competition.

Another big loser was Denmark. There are 72 Danish editions in my collection but they have failed to make the medal stand in the current games. Only one of the countries, who have won a medal, Belarus, does not have any translations of Sherlock Holmes. Kazakhstan has won a medal but this is one of the six languages out the eighty-seven that I have not been successful in locating.

Listed below are the current standings in the Don Hobbs Olympics of Translations of the Canon. The number represents how many translations I have for this country’s language. The number in parentheses is the number of medal they have won.

• Japan 349 (3)
• Italy 237 (4)
• Germany 207 (16)
• France 140 (8)
• Sweden 119 (6)
• China 106 (5)
• Netherlands 60 (4)
• Russia 50 (7)
• Poland 45 (4)
• Czech Republic 26 (2)
• Korea 26 (9)
• Slovenia 16 (2)
• Norway 15 (12)
• Croatia 13 (2)
• Estonia 13 (1)
• Finland 9 (1)
• Latvia 9 (2)
• Slovakia 8 (3)
• Kazakhstan 0 (1)

Happy Collecting!

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