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No. 404, February 28, 2010

Sherlockian Potpourri
By Don Hobbs

I was in Memphis, Tennessee for a work assignment last Tuesday. I used the opportunity to fly in early enough on Monday to drive down to Holly Springs, Mississippi. It was less than an hour’s drive from the Memphis Airport and the junction of Mississippi State Highway 4. I added new photographs to my two running photo-essays, “The Up-Close and Personal Sherlockian Tour of America” and “The Signs of 4”. According to Google Maps, if I turn right on Mississippi State Highway 4 and drove west, Senatobia, Mississippi is where I-55 passes. This Interstate would take back to Memphis. Google maps are not always believable. The route to Holy Springs listed on Google Maps is U.S.-75/ TN-4. I saw plenty of U.S.-78 signage but not a single TN-4 sign.

The photo-essays are the fruit of two whimsical ideas I came up with a few years ago. Traveling around the country for my job, I rely on Google Maps to get to some of the remote places I go to for work. I have to navigate airports efficiently and know how to read maps and follow directions. I pay close attention to road signs and soon I noticed state highway 4 signs. I travel with a camera so I took pictures of the various “Signs of 4” whenever I near one. Before long I noted there were other “Sign of 4” I was photographing. In addition, there were U.S. - 4 and Interstate 4 and county road 4 sign. I decided I would create and Power Point for the “Signs of 4” and the picture I took in Mississippi was the fortieth photograph in the essay. I have learned far too much about state highway signage. I have even bought a Georgia and Kansas Highway 4 signs on eBay. First time visitors are always interested in the significances of the signs. The sign are display alongside my Sherlockian related license plates but that is for another time.

“The Up-Close and Personal Sherlockian Tour of America” is a warped extension of the “Sign of 4” essay. I found there were other Sherlockian related places needing to be photograph but they were not 4 signage. The concept of this essay is to photograph all things Sherlockian with a smallest possible portion of me in the photograph. This essay is now twenty-four slides. I will be returning to Memphis for a four-day visit in a few weeks. I will explore the Tennessee Highway 4 route that Google maps shows. This essay includes pictures of Sure Lock Loans in Oklahoma City to Robert Downey, Jr as Sherlock Holmes in front of the theater poster.


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