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No. 407, March 21, 2010

By Don Hobbs

When my daughter, Kelly, had her first child, we never had a discussion of what this grandchild would call me. I have always believed the child will come up with his or her own name that is comfortable for them. My first grandchild was a beautiful girl named Madison Claire Hamil. For some strange reason, Madison has always called me Holmes. Emily Kate, Madison’s baby sister, has followed suit and calls me Holmes, too.

Joyce, my wife, has always been Gigi. That’s us, Gigi and Holmes. Gigi recently returned from a trip to Chicago with a small game that Madison should enjoy playing. “Sherlock” – (The Game Where Memory and Deduction are “Elementary”!) is the creation of Reinhard Staup. This is one of more than twenty board games designed by Mr. Staup. His games are for ages 5 to adults. This game contains 49 game cards and 1 Sherlock card.

To begin playing, the Sherlock card is pulled out and set aside. The 49 game cards are shuffled then eight cards are drawn and arranged face up in a circle. Each player will look in the circle and try to remember the objects on the face up cards. After approximately thirty seconds, all eight cards are turned facedown. The youngest person starts the game by taking the Sherlock card and placing it in front of one of the facedown cards and tries to guess the object under it. The number and direction that the arrow is pointing on the first card turned face up determines the next card to be guessed.

As the game moves around the circle of eight cards, each player who guesses the object correctly gathers that card into their own pile of cards. The first player to gather six cards is the winner. Madison is six and she is sure she will be able to beat me. Her confidence is encouraging. I will report the outcome next week.


Happy Collecting!!




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