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No. 411, April 18, 2010

The Adventures of a Maniac Collector
By Don Hobbs

My friend of many, many years Rick Gold was in town over the weekend. He stayed at my house on Friday night. For those who may have forgotten, Rick was the videographer for The Great Whimsical Sherlockian Tour of Oklahoma and Texas. He was packing a brand new Hi-Def digital camera and over a few glasses of red wine, we plotted our next video adventure. As the evening grow late and the glasses of vino mounted, the ideas we were tossing at each other got stranger and stranger. Finally, as a reality check, we reeled ourselves back into the realm of sensibility.

Rick has been fascinated with the Sherlockians for many years but has resisted all efforts on actually becoming a Sherlockian. He has too many other irons in the fire to commit to a single crazy hobby.  He practically begged his way into filming The Great Whimsical Sherlockian Tour of Oklahoma and Texas. He has also become very smitten with all of the various HOUND covers I have taken from the foreign translations. I was visiting his Facebook page recently and found he has post 192 different HOUND covers. He keeps threatening to produce T-shirts, coffee mug, and various other products via Café Press but I have yet to see any of these objects. Maybe it is because I requested 40% of any money he makes.

The idea we both agreed had the potential feature series of five-minute vignettes shot in my library. Each episode would open with a pan-shot of my library as the opening credits are rolling. On camera, I will introduce myself and talk about the episode. The show’s title is The Adventures of a Maniac Collector and since every book has it own story, I will be telling interesting stories about some of my favorites books in my collection. I have six episodes ready for shooting and plans for nine or ten others. These are off the top of my head. I know there are others and certainly one’s in the future.

After the narrative, the book or books talked about during the episode will have their bibliographic information displayed at the end. Then the final credits will roll and we will have wasted five minutes of someone’s life.

We did some test recording on Saturday morning and we will need better lighting before we began. We will also need better microphones because the camera’s built in microphone was inadequate for our needs. Rick knows knows what he needs to bring on his next visit. The Adventures of a Maniac Collector: Episode One will be completed by the end of May. Stay tuned.

Happy Collecting!!




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