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No. 416, May 23, 2010

Marriage, Sherlock Holmes and Logic
By Don Hobbs

There has been a great amount of speculation as to whether or not Sherlock Holmes was married, was misogynist, or just did not have time for the fairer sex. I have all of the books by Laurie R. King in the Mary Russell series. Ms. King has the knack for weaving excellent tale, managing to keep Holmes fresh and true (well true if you believe he ever married) while bringing Russell to the front, letting her readers know that Mary Russell is the star of the show. I am not sure if I am fully in the realm of the married Holmes followers. I have just started reading the latest in that series, God of the Hive. I will know more next week, but I doubt one more novel, regardless of how well it is written, will sway me one-way or the other.

In my marriage, Joyce is not a Sherlockian. I do not think I could be married to another Sherlockian. I envy those Sherlockian couples but I must be too selfish because in my house I know who wears the Sherlock Holmes pants. My library is neatly out of the way, upstairs and Joyce tolerates and even encourages my collecting mania. She also rarely ventures above the 49th parallel in our house. That would take her to what amount to a foreign country for her. She was up in the library this week to see the newly cover couch. She was out of town when they we finished. She had help pick the fabric and even bought it and brought it home. Being a nurse, she says she is a Sherlockian by osmosis. Not being a Sherlockian helps her in the eyes of the world as well, though I cannot lay out the reasons why.

Joyce pays closer attention than I sometimes suspect, like when she called asking me about a book, The Devil and Sherlock Holmes by David Gann. She had seen it at an airport but because she was there at oh-dark thirty, the shop was not open and she could not but the book. I had not her of the book but leave it to a non-Sherlockian to find something for the alpha-Sherlockian. If she was a Sherlockian, think of how much poorer I would be. She could have bought the book and gloated that she had one I did not or knowing Joyce, she would have bought two copies so we both would have had one. This brings me back to Holmes and Russell. He was quietly retired, raising bees when Russell showed up in Sussex. Now he is traipsing around the world, solving mysteries with his wife!

It is because Mary Russell has become a Sherlockian! See what happens, the neat and orderly life of Sherlock Holmes turned upside down. If he had married someone more like Mary Marston, like good old Watson did then everything would have been fine. It is certainly a tale of two Marys, one the world in not yet prepared to hear. Using my own logic, I have out smarted Sherlock Holmes by not marrying a Sherlockian. Joyce is more like Irene Adler or at least the Irene Adler in “A Scandal in Bohemia” not the Irene Adler who is featured in wonderful series of books by Carole Nelson Douglas. That Irene is a Sherlockian. She is off solving mysteries on her own. Of course if I use my logic on this one, Joyce will out smart me and become a Sherlockian, wind-up with all of my books, become the darling of Sherlockians world-wide, leaving a foot-note in when that great Sherlockian history is written

Of course using this logic, someone in the future will have the hero of a series of pastiches and some future SherlockPeoria blogger will write about me in their Monday morning column. So much being logical.

Happy collecting!!


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