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Lord Ellefont Appledore, an unwanted irritant to both London society and this one, appears in this publication by the extreme tolerance of the editor.

A Letter From
Lord Ellefont Appledore

Ladies and gentlemen of the Dark Lantern League, as well as distinguished associates thereof,

A beautiful spring day has overtaken our old London haunts, and with it, the thoughts of many of our Victorian brethren and sistren are turning to courtship. It is an unfortunate fact of our modern life here in the late nineteenth century that a good many of those worthies will hop a ship in search of overseas romance to fulfill this vital need.

Coming back from an trans-oceanic trip with a bride or groom as a souvenir has become an all too common -- perhaps you've heard the recent rumors about Sir Henry Baskerville and his 'round the world trip -- and there are those among polite society who think action should be taken to halt this dangerous trend. We hear far too many stories of such marriages resulting in suicide, attacks by sailors, and even such disturbing activities as infant blood-letting!

While not a member of your distinguished League, I am calling upon many civic-minded organizations of this great metropolis to take up the cause of speaking out against extra-British marriage. I am told that a new edition of your Electro-Graphic Monthly will be arriving on electro-graphic doorsteps on Monday morning, and I would encourage you to send any thoughts you have on the situation to that outlet before then and let you voice be heard in that secret publication of the Dark Lantern League.

Sincerely and energetically yours,

Lord Ellefont Appledore
Late of
Her Majesty's Serpentine Gondoliers