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Mr. Frankland, elderly legal enthusiast whom you can also find in his own digs at Lafter Hall, can also be seen in these previous issues of Electro-Graphic Monthly courtesy of his literary agent David Richardson:

January 2004 . . .
Mr. Frankland's Letter of Introduction

February 2004 . . .
Mr. Frankland disagrees with Dr. Watson

April 2004 . . .
Mr. Frankland regarding love and marriage

July 2004 . . .
Mr. Frankland regarding Dr. Mortimer's Acquisitions

A Letter From Mr. Frankland
Regarding Oscar Wilde

Lafter Hall
October 18, 1889

Dear Dark Lantern Leaguers

I must say I have the strangest feelings when I write from Lafter Hall to the Dark Lantern League ... I have no memory after that October when Dr. Watson visited us. Strange, very strange. (And, alas, not much before.) I have to confess that the name of Oscar Wilde was not familiar to me, but I have asked some friends of mine, and they tell me that he is the editor of a woman's magazine (called, appropriately enough, Woman's World), and is an advocate for something called the aesthetic movement, which seems to involve holding lillies as one speaks. (There is, of course, a Lillie I'd like to hold, but I fear this is the wine speaking.) I look forward to what our other members can say about this person.

Mr. Frankland