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The Dark Lantern League, secret society of Sherlock Holmes's London, can also be seen in these previous issues of Electro-Graphic Monthly:

The January 2004 Sample Pre-First Issue

The February 2004 First Issue,
featuring "Beggars of London"

The March 2004 Second Issue,
featuring Saxe-Coburg Square

The April 2004 Third Issue,
featuring the non-British marriage

The May 2004 Fourth Issue,
featuring Vampires

The June 2004 Fifth Issue,
featuring the arrest of Moran

The July 2004 Sixth Issue,
featuring Baker Street Theft

The August 2004 Seventh Issue,
featuring Oscar Wilde

The September 2004 Eighth Issue,
featuring Watson's household staff







About The
Dark Lantern League

A Game is afoot.

Just what sort of Game it is has yet to be determined.

With the turn of the New Century and the advent of the Modern Device, we of the Dark Lantern League are attempting to take advantage of said New and Modern things with The Dark Lantern League Electro-Graphic Monthly.

Many a Game and many a Play have been staged upon the fertile fields of Terra Holmesa, and with the establishment of the DLLEGM-APA, a fabulous new . . .

Excuse me, folks. I had a little help writing up some introductory words to get this “Amateur Press Association” started for you, and I swear those words just kept getting bigger and bigger. Here’s the way this thing works:

My friends in the Dark Lantern League transfix their tales, letters, and other writings to the mantelpiece over the big fireplace at the League clubrooms with one of the bunches of jack-knives there. (Some like to have their Literary Agents pass them to my Literary Agent via .) Then, on the last day of every month, I gather then up and put them out using the electro-graphicamacallit for the world to see.

You can get into the Dark Lantern League one way and one way only -- by getting a letter of reference for your Canonical authenticity from Sherlock Holmes or Dr. Watson (you can see such letters in our pilot issue). After you do that, send it in to me, and I make sure that your Canonical personage is not already in the League, your Canonical personage can write whatever he or she would like for the months that come after your introduction.

One little change has been added since the original formation of the League -- any Canonical personage who has not been staked out as a full League Member, may be used as a sounding board by those already in the League, if they feel another personage other than their own might better express a particular viewpoint or tell a better tale during any given month. The rest of the old League guidelines still apply and new folks might do well to review them by clicking here.

Basically, we’re just folks who knew Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson sometime during their years between 1881 and 1914. Some’ve got stories to tell, about ourselves and our peers. Some like to write letters to clear a thing or two up. And some just like to add a poem or a little song, or who knows what.

The Dark Lantern League tends to be about surprises, and I’m sure that the Dark Lantern League Electro-Graphic Monthly will be have a few of those all its own.

Frank Moulton
Club Secretary
The Dark Lantern League