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The Hansoms of John Clayton's Every-Meeting Ritual

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The Clayton Ritual

By "The Rascally Lascar"

(This responsive reading, based on the Musgrave ritual from the Sherlock Holmes
story of the same name, is used to begin every meeting of the Hansoms of John Clayton.)


What was his name?

John Clayton.

Where did he live?

No. 3, Turpey Street, the Borough.

What did he do?

He drove a hansom cab.

And what was its number?


Whence came the cab?

Out of Shipley’s Yard, near Waterloo Station.

When was his famous ride?

September 26, 1888.

And who was his infamous fare?

Rodger Baskerville, alias Stapleton, alias Vandeleur,

Alias Sherlock Holmes.*


*The last line "alias Sherlock Holmes" is not a part of the original
ritual but is often added by some Hansoms. It is thought to have been
first uttered by Mike Cook, and refers to Stapleton identifying himself as
"Sherlock Holmes" to John Clayton at the end of his cab ride.

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