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A Very Special Action Sherlock Brain Theater

“There's an east wind coming, Watson.”

-- Sherlock Holmes
in “His Last Bow”


Action Sherlock Brain Theater

Directed By
Morton Columbus

Produced By
Edward R. Cisco

Executive Producer
Helen Charbout

Screenplay By
Desmond Louis Claus

Based On The Book
"The Complete Sherlock Holmes"
By Sir Arthur Doyle Conan

Edited By
Fred Chan

Casting By
Cassie Culley

Lighting By
Hab Chickles

Key Grip
H.J. Cone

Todd Cooper
Mike Collins
Stu Cobain

Assistant To Morton Columbus
Tina Cox

Win Cauley

Set Design
Petra Cosovitch

Fatboy Caterers

Alistair's All-Purpose Cars

Foley Editor
Don Cameron

Senior Modeler
Aurora Crittendon

El Conquistador

ADR Supervisor
Zach Celt

Original Music By
Thomas Cymbellia

Soundtrack Available On
Varese Cerebande CD

Lead Animator
Frau Cheeseman

Closing Credits
Mick Connors

Opening Credits
Finley J. Christ

Dolly Grip
Porter Cagoner

Rigging Gaffer
J.B. Cosby

Pre-Production Receptionist
Denise Coulton

A Selected Array Of
The Adventuresses of Sherlock Holmes
With Additional Names Sometimes Added
Linda Anderson Carmichael
Leonora Ballinger Costa
Sherry Rose Bond Canton
Mary Ann Bradley Colchak
MaryKate Brennan Calloway
Maribeau Briggs Conundrum
Joann Calderone
Lenore Carroll
Betty Cochran
Paula Cohen
Clare E. Collins
Catherine Cooke
Linda Crane
Peter J. Crupe
Chris Culley
Susan Dahlinger Cole
Greta de Groat Christmas
Allan Devitt Cooley
Susan Z. Diamond Cooley
Susan Dorler Crimea
Pj Doyle Calderone
Melissa Ennis Chester
Marian Farrell-Johnston-Camberwell
Joe Fink Champagne
Fish, Carol
Janice Fisher Crane
Margaret J. Fleesak Constantino
Patricia Dodd Flynn Columbia
Judie Freeman Comstock
T. Michelle Fromkin Coaltar
Paulette Greene Casters
Alexian Gregory Coptic
Patricia Guy Creel
Beverly Halm Company
Hannan, Catalina
Pattie Tierney Callaway
Adeline Tinning Clannagh
Marilyn Travinski Costermonger
Patricia Ubaldi Colt
Jean Upton Cinclair
Maryellen Utecht Countessofmorcar
Thom Utech Corlock
Edwin Van der Flaes Club
Bill Vandewater Coulter
Delia Vargas Chilli
Pamela G. Verrey Courageous
Ben Vizoskie Caretaker
Sue Vizoskie Caretaker
Glorya Wachs Chesney
Lynn E. Walker Callum
Wein, Cynthia
Beverly Wolov Carey
Joanne Zahorsky-Reeves Conway

The Producers Would
Also Like to Thank:

The City Of New Orleans

Major League Baseball

The Movie "Little Miss Sunshine"

The Wham-o Corporation

Jon Stewart

Alice Peacock

Action Comics


Anyone Who Watched
"The Great Whimsical
Sherlockian Tour Of
Oklahoma and Texas"



Be Sure To Visit Universal Studios.




Action Sherlock . . . Denton Calshane

Watson . . . Graham Cosa

Action Mycroft . . . Big Bill Codlinker

Irene Adler . . . Cindy Cloquatious

The King of Bohemia . . . Thor Cobb

Edgar Allan Poe . . . Les Cipro

Patience Moran . . . Panda Cory

Patience Moran's Thug . . . Pops Cramer

Kitty Winter . . . Mary Louise Chessman

Mr. Melas . . . Ora Cuminseed

Selden the Convict . . . Greg Charmander

Cousin Vernet . . . Raphe Cooter

Client Number 273 . . . Richard Crisp

Mr. Cowboy . . . Don Diego De Carlos

Mary Morstan Watson . . . Sarah Jean Clump

Sigmund Freud . . . Beardy Cowell

Baby Nero . . . Gibby Coy

The Woman in Green . . . Dame Harriet Conch

Woodland Moose . . . Wowser the Caribou

Agatha the Maid . . . Kelly Clarkson

Ghost of Christmas Past . . . Norman Coachman


The Baker Street Irregulars as Themselves





Action Sherlock will return in

"From Russia With Love"