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The Quarter£y $tatement

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Typical Issue

The Quarter£y $tatement

Duration: November 1979 to November 1989, fory issues, ten years.
Frequency: Quarterly
Editors: James O. Duval and Alan S. Mosier
Club Affiliation: Cox & Company of New England

Looking back over my copies of The Quarter£y $tatement now that I've spent some time putting out my own Sherlockian publications, my appreciation for this Sherlockian quarterly has only increased -- and it was one of my favorites when it was coming out! Whether it was hand-delivered by Jim Duval, working his way around the BSI dinner cocktail hour, or just showing up in the mailbox, this little green beauty was always a treat. Every page was typed by Jim's mother, and Alan Mosier wrote under six or seven nom de plumes that were only revealled in the very last issue. The Quarter£y $tatement covered all the Sherlockian bases as neatly as any other journal, with Jim introducing new writers to the readers with that personal touch that really makes a journal. From features like "Ask Mycroft Holmes" to the Donald Redmond index of it, The Quarter£y $tatement had a quality that made it a near-perfect specimen of Sherlockiana at its best.

-- BAK