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Mr. John Clay, whose blood runs a royal red, can also be seen in these previous issues of Electro-Graphic Monthly courtesy of her literary agent David McAllister:

January 2004 . . .
His letter of introduction

February 2004 . . .
Regarding Beggars

March 2004 . . .
Regarding John Clay's Reputation

A Letter From Mr. John Clay
Regarding Non-English Liasons

Dear fellow members of the DDL,

This business of liasons with non-Englishmen is very troubling. I have to admit to some bias regarding the institution of marriage in the first place. I hold that the natural result of intimacy between man and woman does not need the blessings of either church or state to benefit from the heriditary expectations due, but is itself proof of the union. Homo ipsa loquitur don't you know. That said, I am of the general opinion that Englishmen and women should stick with our own kind. Now, I'm all for as much investment in English bloodlines as possible. But, look what can happen. These foreigners, and they know who they are, like to come here and interfer with their own ideas. I am not just talking about the Yankee women who marry dukes and such; their dollars are not unwelcome. You'd think they'd be just as interested in real ducal bloodlines, but I can't get a tumble just because I'm not on the debutants' mamas' A-list. Nor am I opposed to Englishmen marrying South American heiresses and importing their millions, either. Mostly I'm against any export of our capital (both of pulcritude and pelf) such as that delightful DeMerville girl and Baron (if he is a Baron) Gruner. I say, I may have an "acid splash" in my forelock, but Adelbert is just beyond the Pale. Nice china, though; and don't turn down an invite to see his "etchings".

J.Clay, Esq.