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"Just the Facts" Canonical Database
By Joseph E. Dierkes


Ever just want to take a single look and be able to view the entire Canon, spread out like a valley below? To be able to see all the villains lined up, along with the dates the cases took place, the distances Holmes travelled, the amounts he was paid . . .

Well, if you have Microsoft Excel 97 or higher, now Joseph Dierkes ("Inspector Hopkins") is giving you your chance. He's done all the hard work for you, and you can see the results with a simple click of a link.

The "Just the Facts" database is completely the product of Joseph Dierkes -- e-mail address in the database, or upon request from -- who might be able to offer a little help if you run into problems with it.

So here's the link that will download it to your computer and start it up: The "Just the Facts" Canonical Database