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The View from Sherlock Peoria (126)

October 31, 2004

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Election Time . . . for Sherlock?

One of the workaday annoyances that hobbies allow us escape from is the propaganda onslaught of political campaigns. Reviewing the actual facts concerning a candidate for office can be done in hours and minutes, yet with any major election we're pounded with months of yard signs, slam commercials, sound bytes, scandals, non-scandals, and every other attempt to persuade us that the poltical parties can muster. It's deadly serious to some, a source of amusement to others, and a focus for the madness of some of the truly strange individuals out there.

Given all that, can a truly obsessed Sherlockian stay out of it?

I mean, if we're really looking for the best and wisest person we can find to lead our country, why not look closer to Holmes? As in "Sherlock Holmes."

The very notion of Sherlock Holmes running for president of the United States has more opponents than any other candidate in this year of battlefield politics. Not only do Republicans and Democracts oppose Holmes's candidacy, many another faction does as well. The Anglophile voting bloc cannot abide the thought that England's best detective might have had enough American blood to qualify as a candidate. The forensics lobby label his well-known accomplishments as "pure fiction." Even Sherlockians themselves are divided on the idea of Holmes running for president, with views ranging from "Get away you nut!" to "Sherlock Holmes is running for president?!?"

But still, the Sherlock Holmes for President campaign persists, this year waiting until the very last minute in an effort to avoid personal attacks and negative campaign ads by the fearful other camps. Below you'll find a link to Holmes's first campaign speech presented to an internet audience, and below that, more info from his past political efforts.

Your humble correspondent,
Brad Keefauver

The Authentic Sherlock Holmes
Presidential Campaign Speech
. . . in his own words!


Notes from the 2000 presidential campaign of Sherlock Holmes . . .

"Strange Bedfellows," the intro to the March 2000 issue of The Holmes & Watson Report

"Sherlock Holmes, Qualified Presidential Candidate" from that same publication

The Holmes & Watson Report Election 2000 Fact-finding Poll, also from that issue

On the Campaign Trail . . . from the May 2000 issue of The Holmes & Watson Report